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Shanghai UtoVR Culture Media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as UtoVR), founded in April 2016, shanghai, China, is mainly operated as 360 VR video content platform.

With core technology and independent R&D capabilities, UtoVR creates its own panoramic images and technologies of 360 video stitching, VR player and post-processing, able to provide the core technical solution of 360 video, such as VR production, VR photography, live VR, VR player, VR content distribution and so on. UtoVR has cooperated with many large events, such as "Xiangcao Garden" of HNTV, "Beautiful Girls" of SMG and "China First VR & AR International Summit", provided 360 video live streaming and recording service for these TV programs. More than 200 videos and online TV stations application are using UtoVR 360 video SDK and VR video service, such as CNTV, VODone, Mi-Cu Video, China Unicom, Tianshan Cloud, The Miss Universal in China etc..

UtoVR player is our self-developed 360 degree video player, which updates quickly by supporting more powerful features. Such as audio screen comment, bullet screen. We also have other core technologies like supporting 3D sound effect in interaction and design, hotspots shopping, playing control and hardware compatibility. UtoVR projection mode will save 50% bandwidth thus enhanced its player performance.

Recently, UtoVR cooperate with the Himalayan FM (ximalaya.com) and Hirain Technology (www.hirain.com.cn) to mainly develop online VR contents in four sections: VR movies, VR tourism, VR sports and VR entertainment, and will provide integration solution including hardware and software to those content partners to build a brand new VR video content platform with quite interactive and social elements. UtoVR as the most popular VR content platform, has more than 20,000 active users per day, near 1,000,000 cumulative downloads. And new users increase quickly at 10,000 per day.

In May, 2016, UtoVR is invested by China Hirain Technologies with 1.5 million USD.

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